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Our Promise

We are committed to providing quality produce at reasonable costs, so that residents of New Dehli have alternatives to the traditional market. Our produce goes through several steps to go from farm to customer. We guarantee freshness and pride ourselves on the quality of the produce.

We grow vegetables using environmentally-friendly methods. Our manuring is 100% organic, using cow manure and other certified organic fertilizers. Neem is widely used along with certified organic insect and bug killer. We make an extra effort to ensure that the quality of our land and the surrounding environment are maintained. Our other organic products are also handpicked from our farms and quality organic producers.

We pride ourselves on our produce being not only organic, but also chemical and pesticide free. We use no growth hormones, no chemical sprays, and rely on natural methods to grow our fruits and vegetables.

From grains to spices to honey, our other products are locally sourced, supporting the vibrant New Dehli economy, and making sure you get the best local goods.

In addition to our produce, we supply freshly-baked breads, desserts, and other goods. Made with organic flour, we partner with a local bakery to create baked goods to satisfy our customers.

From scheduling a delivery to itemizing what should be included, we take every step to ensure you get quality produce delivered on-time, every time.